About me

My name is Lilla Erdei and I am in LOVE with my profession. However I got carried away by the topic of healthy living, it soon occurred to me that some books will not suffice my curiosity so when it came to choosing a university it was not even a question that I will be a dietitian.  I obtained my degree at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University and I am currently enrolled in the master degree program. 

I am very active so I must always do some activities that is the reason why I have started doing sports since I was three years old and have tried many types of them. By the time I finished my bachelor studies, I had completed the personal and aerobic trainer courses.

To maintain our health, it is very important to have a balanced diet and do sports regularly. That is the reason why I want to help my clients not only in the weight-loss programs but also with different types of diseases like diabetes, insulin-resistance, high blood pressure, allergies, and various intolerances. 



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